Friday, 6 August 2010

Bengal Politics: The Black Days are just there

"Those CPM goons will kill me!" the voice of a tempestuous lady blazed out from the loud-speakers. All the 100 odd minimally clad and parched skinned citizenry who had gathered at the weekly convention of the Trinamool Congress's Save Bengal campaign at the village centre broke into a hushed discussion. "Cholbe na... cholbe na, eta howa cholbe na!" barked another husky voice on the loud-speaker. This time it was that of the local Trinamool dada, who was desperately trying to put forward a resolute intent to show his proximity to the DIDI of the masses. "Amader DIDI amar rahey... pashchim bangla-r DIDI chirojibi hon..." another gush of fanatic cry from the same local political chieftain.
Circa 2010, August 9. Place: Lalgarh - the Maoist war-zone (as referred to by the state and centre government) or the only independent land in West Bengal (independent from what? the atrocities of the ruling Left Front?). Clad in her typical white saree, stood a stone cold 5 ft 1 inch figurine facing a sea of well wishers and poor tribals - most of them ignorant of the great DIDI's purpose of visit in their village but forced to sit there by the "Didi sevaks" - the local level henchmen who have volunteered to "take care" of the law and order situation of the gathering.
"Oi sharkar apnader khun korte chai," a sudden outburst with some dramatized hand and fist movement and the DIDI knew very well she has attracted the attention of the crowd.
"Hain hain... ai sharkar apnader khun korte chai. Aar shudhu apnaderi noy, amakeo khun korte chai."
A section of the poor villagers, unfazed by the remarks suddenly bursted in applause.
"Ai ki holo, haat tali marish kan?" barked a one of the Didi Sevaks nudging at the ribs of two of the village elders.
"Aare, ki shundar jukti dilo DIDI, jemon jatray hoy... bah bah bah... "
"Ai chup chup... tora jatra dekchis naki? Orey murkho dekhe rakh, toder shamne dariye ache banglar bhabi mukhyo mantri... pennam kor bolchi."
"Pennam korbo? kade pennam korbo... oi magi tare? to kan pennom korbo? shono halar katha, je keu amar loge chillai katha bolbo, ki bhagban hoye gelo?? Hala ami pennam kormu ni... ja ki kore nibi?"
"Tobe re buro?? khub shak hoyeche na jamer bari jaoar... ai shon, ai burota nischai lal jhandar lok, niye chal shala-take... aaji buro-ke bhoger bari pathai"
The next few moments went by tugging and pulling at the poor old man, who desperately tried to evade getting pulled out of the hoard of the other old men, sitting in the crowd watching an animated display of insanity on stage and an equally appalling act of barbarism going on alongside. The old man, tried a last desperate attempt to break away from the clutches of the two Didi Sevaks but failing to cut lose, started going limp and finally, with one sudden thump, ended falling on the ground with his face down. He lied there cold, with no movement. The crowd, sitting towards the side where all these actions were going on were too afraid to even look at one of their own men, one of their own - who had been an elderly brother to some or a master-da to some other... they somehow looked away, trying to concentrate on the histrionics going on infront of them.
"Ami shapath niyechi apnader shakaler muktir... ha, ami apnader chiro diner jonno mukti debo!"
The show went on. There were several thousands present that day. Some to see the person who had dared to challenge the 33 year old left fortress in Bengal, some to enjoy an afternoon out from the monotone of life, while some to lament on what lay ahead of them... mukti - or independence. Yes, like the way the 73 year old Karim Chacha got mukti that day for defying the orders of the Didi Bahini...

Author's note: The poor villagers in Bengal cannot see through what is coming, as they are not appropriately educated to analyse and understand the relevance of political power shifts. But what about the so called Bengal intelligentsia? Are they genuinely satisfied to see a new force round the corner, as an alternative to the left rule? If they blindly rest their faith on the Mamata regime, which most likely will find its way to the helm of power in Bengal, days are not far when the state will really break into severe atrocity and political murderings. Mamata, for sure is the only person in the opposition to have a will and some extent of consciousness for the poor - although it is yet to prove how genuine is her feelings. But everything said and done, there is not a single genuine individual in her lines who is ready to make a similar commitment for the people. The congress and the TMC are all waiting to have their say against the Left leaders in avenging everything that they lost in the past 33 years... no one, not a single soul is there in the current opposition to be a torch bearer of change - a true paribartaner kandari. They all want to bask in the glory of their victory - coming to them after 3 decades of wait and once it is there, why should they let go the cream? They will churn the cream out of milk at the cost of the poor citizenry in Bengal and will raise a toast of victory. So just wait and see... the real black days of Bengal is coming our way.

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