Sunday, 13 February 2011

Have a Heart!! Bring a smile on this V-Day!

Just imagine the amount of energy generated on a single day worldwide - which probably is sufficient to keep the entire world's light bulbs (more appropriately the modern CFLs) glowing years after years... Sounds confusing, eh! Well, I am referring to the warmth, that will be generated through acts of passion, through literary efforts (like the way you are reading mine indiscreet thoughts currently) and other means on Monday the 14th - aka Valentine's Day. Without getting into much details of this warmth (which if possibly stored and then converted to other forms, would create an energy bank as per my introductory reference), let's try and find a way of using it more effectively. Hmmm... so we have these 'couple' things happening at the colleges - some bold moves by the 'pretending-to-be-macho' guys, some shy flirtations by the genuinely introvert girls and some eye-to-eye contacts of the people seeking the middle path and the FMs playing their daily roster of love songs in the background - wow, we have a concoction brewing all around of ''Love is in the air''! Certainly, love is in the air, but you still cant take it lightly... it will leave a heavy heart at the end of the day for many (sigh!) - who would be termed unlucky in love or losers by their straight faced competitors... Anyways, I actually did not wish to analyse the debit or credit of love, but had to discuss this to reach a point of reference, which I now have... Love ke liye kuch bhi karega. Well said, then let's do it! You need not bleed to death. Neither do you have to eat 40 spicy and tangy gol gappas and turn upside down seeking nirvana the next 2 weeks and obviously, you need not burn your pockets (literally and symbolically) in getting your loved one the kuchee-kuchee stuffed bunny or teddy or all those voluptuous object-o-desiree... You just need to ''Have a Heart''! Even more confused! Then read on...
You love someone doesnot mean you just need to prove it on one special day... any of the 365 days can be made special for the other person, whom you genuinely feel for. With millions of couples running head over heels to express their love on one V-Day, actually doesnot give that exclusive feeling of togetherness that you guys should really enjoy. So, how else can you make 'love' work on this day. As you have already read above - Have a heart (Hey which I already do have! you may exclaim!!) and share your love with those who do not stand a chance. Visit an old age home, or an orphanage or a cancer home and try to ignite their hearts with the warmth of your love and affection. Hold out their hands and just say - I love you - and you will see a star twinkle in his eyes - you will also get the goosebumps buddy!! Love is contagious. The more you share your love with others, the more it comes back to you in some form or the other... love is ever lasting (remember the conservation of energy stuff that you read first time in your 8th grade science book?)... you lose love somewhere, you gain it elsewhere. Never feel that you are all alone this V-Day... just make your love work with someone who actually needs it, someone who is truly lonely. People say love is blind, I say love makes a blind man see. Visit a Blind School, a special school for kids, an orphanage or IIPM on 14th and share your love with all who crave for it... you will feel yourself as a superman (without the wardrobe malfunction) being hugged by people whom you never knew, being loved by people who you have never loved before... never run for love, as love will find you all by itself. So, have a great V-Day and just do it right to make this day the most memorable day of your life...Ola!

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